Spring 2


Seas and Coasts

This is one of my favourite topics as it allows us to get very hands on with our learning, particularly in science and geography.  

In English we will be looking at stories with a familiar setting.  Ones based on a farm such as Farmer Duck, Mudpuddle Farm, etc.  Our second unit of writing will be based on a poster/leaflet designed to persuade people to visit Brockholes Nature Reserve.  We will be visiting Brockholes at the start of the fourth week, allowing us to  really immerse ourselves into what the area has to offer.  This will lead to quality writing, having had first hand experience of mini-beasts, plant life and the natural area itself.

In maths we are continuing to work through 'Maths No Problem' and we are starting our second and final workbook (2b).  We will be looking at word problems, money and two dimensional shapes.

In Science, we will be exploring all about plants, from how they grow to what we use them for in everyday life.  Alongside the theory, we will be growing our own crops and keeping weekly records of their development, ultimately leading to us harvesting our crops!

Geography will be focused on seas and coasts around the UK.  We will also be widening our knowledge of coasts and seas to the continents and oceans around the world.  Finally, we will be exploring human and physical geography and looking at how our planet is forever changing.




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