In Autumn 1 Year 4’s topic is Sparks Might Fly. This is a science based topic where we will be finding out lots about electricity. We will be making circuits, researching the dangers of electricity and broaden our understanding how important electricity is to us. During this topic we will also be focusing on Design and Technology and Music.

For the first half term our topic in Year 4 is ‘Sparks Might Fly’. This is a science based topic which will involve looking at electricity. The children have already got stuck into this topic and I have been so impressed with their enthusiasm and keenness to explore electricity.

Simple Circuits

In this lesson, the children worked together to create simple circuits. They had to identify any faults and create circuits with more than one component. The children then practised during circuits using the correct symbols.

Insulators and Conductors

This week we have been investigating insulators and conductors.Together the children created an experiment, using their understanding of simple circuits, to test a range of objects. The children predicted the outcome of their experiment by writing a hypothesis, recorded their results and wrote a conclusion. The children were surprised to find that a pencil is both a conductor and insulator depending on which part of the pencil was attached to the wires.


In our topic this half term one of our subjects has been D&T. We have researched, designed, made and evaluated steady hand buzzer games. We have linked our scientific understanding to our projects and make a simple circuit to allow our game to buzz.